• A bell chimes here and there.
    A teenage girl decides what to wear.
    I can't believe this will be done.
    I will be married,what fun what fun.
    She wrapped herself in a silk white dress.
    her hair tangled in a knotty mess.
    She sighed slightly grabbing a brush.
    She had to hurry she was in a rush.
    Fixing her self up she waited to be brought away
    For this time she would be married on this lovely day.
    A man dressed in black stood at the altar tall and proud.
    the pews already filled with a small crowd.
    The bride was walked in by her father.
    Two figures walked along the isle,father and daughter.
    Tears fell from her eyes.
    The man she loved so much but why?
    He treated her well
    He never let her fall.
    Trying his best.
    and concurring her quest.
    Today they are married for twenty years.
    they look back on memories shedding tears.