• there was this day when i saw you
    you were so cute in your cap
    then you saw me too
    you giggled and i laughed.

    there was this glisten in your eyes
    one day, you were mine
    you were he guy that i heared NO lies
    and our relationship was fine...

    one day this sickness flew to me
    you rushed to the hospital and you saw
    the long battle that taunt me
    my cat was there and i handled her paw

    i wrote this letter for you
    my favorite line was "dont suffer like me"
    i want to be happy too
    but for me, i want you to find that special "she"

    when i pass away i want you to find
    another girl that is good and kind
    don't be sad, i'll always be near you
    looking and glancing in every corner of you...

    <the boyfriend continued>
    you died in exactly 12:01 am last monday
    the date was JULY 16 2009
    that was the final day
    i'll say goodbye.. :')

    < so the girl died excatly 12:01 am, july 16 2009, she died in THEIR BOYFRiEND'S anniversary. neutral huhu! wat a sad story biggrin