• intro
    # nananana^___ nanana nana___ Nanana^___ Nanana nana___
    Verse 1
    I hear the fighting on the floor above, I hear the screaming and begging now.
    I wish to god that she's ok, but sometimes I just wonder how
    who_oa! I hear the dreams of a million but I can't figure out the where. oh oh...

    Well I keep trying to see, The other side of ^you and but all I can find, is the hate, and the tears...

    Oh I hear the ^Su___mer ra___in
    Yes I hear ^the Su___mer Ra___in.
    I see the *lightning strike
    I see the wind blow by
    It's nature, burning in our souls
    It's the ^Gu___ns shooting at our fi____nal ti_me
    It's the law, catching up on our crime.

    Verse 2
    He begs for forgiveness...
    She says no way...
    Oh yes, he begs for forgiveness...
    And she sa_ys no wa__y
    Oh I can still hea____r the fighting on the second floor
    I still wish for god their fighting would be no more
    Oh ^and he still begs for forgivene___ss and she still says no____
    Oh will this go on until the winter *sno____w

    Verse 3
    I stand on her grave I refuse to look a__t his
    I le_eave flowers when I Ca__n
    One bullet was all it took...
    He was so cruel, she was so, lost.
    Spring flowers, spring flowers,
    September leafs... I still am wondering why this happened to me

    Verse 4
    The yea___rs have gone by
    The air still feels so cold,
    The rai___n continues to fa___ll
    and I keep on visiting her, asking why,
    I wished for her, to be ok, i heard her dreams, because she trusted me
    He was closed off, and so unheard, she was so tiny, and easy to hurt,
    Their story is over, so why is the rain, still fallin, on me?
    Chorus X2 then end