• When your alone
    Does this place feel like home
    Is there some place
    You would rather be
    Is there someone
    You’d rather see
    What would you do
    If you could do the impossible

    If you had to chance to change to the world
    With just a blink of your eye
    Everything you knew became a lie
    And when you opened your eyes you saw the world fall
    Would you catch it or watch them all take the fall

    Afraid of the out come
    Afraid of the choice
    To be a hero
    Or remain the zero
    Would the even know
    Or even care

    Would you let it fall
    Or save it all
    Just save the day
    Just save today!
    Don’t let it fade away
    Be the one to change it all
    Take your chance

    Just close your eyes
    And believe
    So you can see
    How to be
    The hero who
    Saved they day
    Change the way
    We see each day

    If you had the chance
    Would you
    Could you
    Should you
    Save it all?