• As the shadows rot, so did he,
    leaving souls in fear for an eternity.
    For every night as legends have told
    He would roam around targeting young and old.
    Every night since that very day
    Every night since they took it away,
    What did they take? Did they take his life?
    Did they take his dignity? Or maybe his wife?
    No they did not I am pleased to tell
    They took his soul and threw it in hell.
    A soul and a life are two different things,
    One has emotions and one physically stings.
    He made a vow to kill all in sight
    He made a vow the very same night.
    He also made a deal that we cannot forget
    The deal was accepted and he was all set.
    He came back to life with a magical charm
    But covered with gold and had 2 new arms.
    He also had an acquaintance as you can see
    A very small shadow as tiny as can be.
    He takes many lives for the vow.
    He killed many people and even a cow.
    After the vow was done he wanted to end
    But the deal he made would not send.
    Forever trapped until he made the world fall.
    Forever a killer until he killed all.