• Emotions flooded her body as she saw him with that first glance.
    Her face turned bright red every time he caught her looking at him….he just simply smiled and waved.
    She loved him….but she was broken, torn apart, nothing but a demon-angel shattered into millions of little pieces…she wasn’t worthy of such a man of his altitude. He knew what she was…but did not admit it to her….he didn’t want things to change….but unfortunately the day he went to tell her that he knew…she had run outside in the pouring rain during the night and was no where to be seen.

    She cried for minutes, hours, days, and weeks over the man she saw. “Hello miss.” An all to familiar voice greeted.
    She spun around only to be greeted by the face she ran from so he would never know what she was.
    …. She ran
    He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him flipping her around so she was facing him….”I know what you are… I don’t care” were the last words he said before his lips crashed down on top oh her soft delicate red rose lips heart