• They say that your life flashes before your eyes when you die.
    Well they are right but when that happens you look back and think of all the times you spent and how happy they were.
    My life wasn't the happiest and it wasn't the saddest they are people out there that probably have a worse life than i did but we all have problems and we learn to deal.
    But when in life you come to a point where you have to make choices and you got to remember not all the time you will make the right choices but you just have to accept that you have flaws that everyone has flaws and move on.
    Don't spend you life living with regrets live your life making memories whether they are sad or happy cherish each memory knowing that you lived, You cried and you made it threw.
    Remember that the people you have met are the people you will always remember you might not remember them today or tomorrow but when you come to a time in your life when it makes you remember way back then you'll remember the people that helped you threw it and cherish knowing that they too will remember you.
    I didn't know i was going to die today but like in life surprises happen, Please don't be sad for me, For i have lived, i have done everything i have wanted to do and i have lived a good life and will be happy at peace.
    But take my words with you and live on now that you understand a portion of a big picture of life, You will learn as you live and when the time comes for you to die I will be here waiting for you so you can tell me all about your life and every memory you have made and we will look back and remember the day your life began.