• they say that god is like a Shepard,
    he guides his lil white sheep in his feilds.
    if you are in his pasture you are under his watch and love.
    all his lil white sheep
    but, what if your a lil black sheep?
    an unfortunate genetic screw up, and a lil black sheep is born.
    will god still protect and love it?
    it looks so rare and unusual.
    a lil black freckle in a mass of white
    a lil taint?
    a lil impurity?
    will god kick that sheep out?
    will that lil black sheep roam the forest, exploring beyond the heavenly pasture?
    will it be wiser? more stronger?
    will it find other lil black sheep in a mysterious haze?
    i think i was born with a genetic screw up
    i was, a lil white sheep
    till one day i shifted and became curious of the mountains beyond this pasture.
    did i venture too far?
    does god still wana keep me? a lil black freckle in a mass of white?
    am i meant to break away from the herd and roam the mountains alone?
    will i make that mistake or choice?
    is it even a mistake?
    will be i wise or a fool?
    all i know, is that im a lil black sheep
    a freckle in a mass of white and now, god is inspecting his herd....
    will i be a black freckle in a mass of white or a confused lil white sheep?