• Dark at night She walks these streets,
    Drumming a to a different beat,
    Wanting to die but not knowing how,
    Wanting to scream but not letting it out,
    She sees so many faces,
    She has been to too many places,
    Fear and hatred is all she can feel,
    Cutting her body making the pain seem real,
    Only wishing you could see life through her eyes just once,
    Maybe then it would be just enough,
    She waits for the day she can meet the reaper,
    Taking her blade and cutting deeper,
    Blood dripping down her arm,
    She sighs as the blood feels warm,
    Everything starts to go cold,
    Her mind not want her to grow old,
    Smiling each passing day,
    Her mind slipping father away,
    Till she finally gives in,
    Commiting a violent sin,
    She meets a man and takes him back,
    Passion and love is what she lacks,
    She smiles so innocent and sweet,
    Staring down at her feet,
    Her hand goes instantly to the blade,
    Everything begins to fade,
    She sliced her wrists one last time,
    In front of this strange guy,
    He flips and call out for help,
    Too late know one will ever know how she really felt,
    Gone from this place is another soul,
    The man leaves his mind growing numb and cold,
    He gets home and stares in the mirror,
    His own death growing nearer,
    He sees her in his dreams,
    Waking up in a cold sweets and screams,
    He believes its her beggin not to die,
    Seeing the tears as she cries,
    Hes going mad he can't take it any more,
    Tonight will be his final score,
    He leaves his work all seems fine,
    He knows where and what time,
    Taking out his gun he point it to his chin,
    A tear falls as he soon gives in,
    BANG is the only sound,
    His body dropping to the ground,
    Blood splattered on the wall,
    as it soon begins to slowly fall,
    A life for a life,
    One by gun another a knife,
    Death is coming have no fear,
    You slowly die each passing year,
    Time cutting into your soul deeper,
    How will you finally meet the reaper?