• The Love
    The familiar feelings wash over me again
    I wonder if my heart plays tricks on me
    This always happens, but is it true this time?
    It maybe just a reminder of what won't be
    Trying to fool me into thinking I have a chance

    Heart beating faster at the though of her
    My mind grows ever dizzier,
    My feelings, so hard to explain,
    The soul aches and cries whenever I see
    The image of loveliness that's before me

    I wait day by day
    To see what will happen
    To see if I have a chance
    Dying a little each day
    And loving her from a far

    I try to show her I care,
    That I won't hurt her
    That she means the world to me,
    That I won't leave her

    I don't take risks afraid
    That i'll lose what i do have with her,
    Cherishing every moment that I spend with her
    Even if she's not mine

    Thinking that she deserves better
    With every guy she dated
    They never treated her right,
    So, i'm the one they always hated

    Even thinking she deserves better than me,
    But hoping she won't go for better,
    Hoping she'll go for me