• Leaves in the Wind
    People go and people come,
    but their love never runs.
    Why must people die?
    If God is so powerful,
    then why does he take our loved ones from us?
    Is it not enough to strike me once?
    But to hurt me again when I'm already undone!
    What's wrong with you,
    do you have no heart ?
    Must you bleed me out,
    or is this what you ment from the start?
    I'm done I've died,
    You've destroyed the little girl
    who once lived inside!
    I'm sad, lonely and misunderstood,
    why did I ever think you could?
    No it's done it's all over,
    you've done your job.
    So maybe you should run for cover.
    Now I'm deadly and dangerous,
    to you me and everyone around.
    I've loved, cried, and died,
    Now it's time for you to come inside.