• You said that if you left you would take me with you but
    How can you take me with those trembling hands and weak muscles?
    How can you take me with those needles in your hands and failing memory?

    Why would you take me?
    Is it because you love me?
    Is it because you need me?
    Or is it guilt?

    Guilt of not knowing me
    My guilt of not knowing you
    Our guilt of not saying I love you
    My guilt of not saying Goodbye

    I have to face the fact that you’re gone
    A word I cannot understand

    Since the first time I said that word
    I created a black hole in my heart
    And each time I say that word
    It slowly consumes my soul

    But you’re not gone your still here
    Here in the mornings when I wake
    In the afternoon when I eat lunch
    In the night when I tuck myself into bed

    You’re here in my heart…