• It's in those eyes I love so well
    To speed up these tears that burn
    It was just a vague memory
    I only had everything to say

    I'm not here to see this dream
    This imagination that bruised me
    This imagination that never really
    Just to soar and vanish

    Walking on the shards of broken glass
    I was never here for the long run
    Seeing the choices we've made in this game
    I was hardly surviving

    The simplest thing you can do it breathe
    Pretend and dissapear
    Forget that your tears rain upon my head
    Keep those empty wishes close

    Being all that's had
    Whispers are the pain
    Whispers are the stalkers
    The one we want to see care

    I wasn't listening
    Clouded by the images
    I'm sorry for the times
    All those that I'm good for

    Repenting is the belief
    So scream all you want
    I don't beleive
    But I know I'm always chosen

    Let this stay your storybook smash
    But you won't see
    Next thing you know
    My tears will be raining on your head of lead

    I wished to remain just image
    Not happening in this mess of mine
    Just doing the best thing that's needed
    Breathing in sequence