• Hurt Pours, Pain Builds...Anger Thrives
    Agony Blooms In Waiting Hours
    In Ticking Minutes
    Sand Stretches Furthur on;
    Sifting gently, Slamming Mercilessly.
    We are glass.
    Falling, Cracking...Shattering.
    Frosted Glass.
    No one can see the Monsters which lurk within
    Nor The Child Who Pleads
    Begs the World to Save, to See, To Care.
    We Slip, Fall, Fade before Life's calm yet
    Mocking, Insolent, Indifferent face.
    Claws of the Beast Ravage Innocent Flesh.
    Tearing From Within. Breaking Apart. Life.
    Smiles Fracture. Fade. Dissappear.
    Never to Return.
    Life is evanesced.