• Season’s Calling

    Good morning, sweet flora-
    Unravel your petals to greet the day.
    Robins in treetops-
    Sing songs of memoirs to a past of slumber.
    Trees once deprived of security-
    Are cuddled by blankets of green.
    Ice-once ruler of the land-
    Has been dethroned of its mighty rule.
    Spring is calling-
    Its time to awaken, and be reborn

    Greetings oh mighty sun-
    Your stare tickles my feet, as it never did before.
    Children once lost in knowledge-
    Trade books for beach balls.
    A happy home now empty of its heart-
    As its shelter is no longer necessary.
    Soft caressing winds-
    Turn stale, by order of the sun.
    Summer is calling-
    To live the life we dream.

    Welcome, the winds of change have arrived-
    A plague of metamorphosis is here.
    Trees crisp with the colors of earth-
    Combust into fiery flame.
    Animals scurry about-
    Yearning to find shelter from impending doom.
    Colors ever falling-
    And or hearts ever changing in time.
    Autumn is calling-
    Now is the time to change.

    Good evening to the last arriver-
    A gloomy chill is upon us.
    Mother earth- in sleep-
    Leaves her children to face frosty fate.
    People once living in nature-
    Seek refuge by glowing embers.
    Snow has come-
    To rule its kingdom once again.
    Winter is calling-
    Reminding us we are still alive.

    Can you hear the seasons calling?