• The unexpected
    Comes too soon,
    Like a stillborn child
    Never given the chance of life.

    My unavoidable fate
    Screams at me
    Like a blinding red light,
    Blazing like a fire.

    I’ve tried to run,
    But your grasp stops me short,
    And I stumble and fall
    While your eyes fill with tears.

    I’ve held on for too long;
    I can feel my bones starting to break,
    Snapping under the pressure
    Of circumstance.

    We both know
    Neither of us can help;
    We’re just flightless birds
    Drowning in the current.

    We always try to touch,
    But we’re separated by a cold ocean
    Of lost dreams
    And broken hearts.

    If we can wait out the storm,
    Keep our heads above water,
    Our feathers may dry,
    And we can mend our broken bodies