• A boy slept soundly on the second floor
    And suddenly there was a knock at the door
    At this time of night, what were they asking for?
    I bet now he wishes he had never known

    The door swung open and two men barged in
    Not a hair on their head nor a tan on their skin
    They cornered the boy, and with a devilish grin...
    Well, there wasn't nothin left of him but bones

    The police were called, but the boy was dead
    The culprits were gone, they had already fled
    But they found a note, and this is what it read:
    "I wish that my heart weren't made of stone."

    Books were written about this horrid event
    News was broadcasted and letters were sent
    But nobody knows how it all really went
    Except for me, but my lips are tightly sewn