• A goddess stands above all
    The world at her feet
    The endless sky as her crown
    She is beautiful as the stars
    More precious than all gems of Earth
    Wiser than the eldest sage
    Yet even a goddess can cry

    Her sobs break the hearts of Her loyal
    Her tears are rain on a weary day
    Majestic Lady, with skin of diamond
    Even you can hurt

    Even a goddess falls victim to Fate
    Even a goddess can be weak
    Even a goddess can suffer plagues:
    Depression, loneliness, man

    Depression will always clear away
    Like the darkened clouds of a rainy day
    Loneliness quickly will subside
    With a true god by your side
    And woe to the man who dares to try
    To make a blessed goddess cry

    Fair Lady, you are warrior
    With sword and spear in hand
    Radiant Lady, you are the morning
    Your golden wings our blessed sun
    Precious Mother, the Moon is your womb
    Your children the future gods of the World
    Your world

    Fear not, Milady, the terrors of the Night
    For the Fates will make your nightmare pay
    Stand strong and smile
    The time will come
    When all shall be done just as you say

    Goddess of Life, of Fire, of Love
    Man will mind the law of thee
    You who govern land and sea
    As you will, so shall it be