• Their love is truly passonate. He's there to keep her happy, to make all nitemares and depression away. She's there for the same but more. Hes says he's addicted to her.
    His herione.
    His life.
    His everything.
    When the months came and she had to leave; he cried and held her tight wishing time would just stop in its tracks. It never stopped and the car pulled up to take his angel away.
    They took her home and said their last goodbyes. She walked inside the dark house and reilzed she was still wearing his jacket. Pain overwelmed her and she laid on the couch and curled into a ball. This pain is dark and scary. It bring threating thoughts. Its a black vortex
    Taking her heart.
    Taking her mind.
    Taking her soul.
    They're both lost in their own nitemare. He sees her and tries to catch her, but she seems to move farther away. She finally disapears and he falls into a black darkness.
    He falls
    and falls
    and falls.
    Never hitting ground to take the agonizing pain away.
    Shes trapped inside a dark forest. It rains hard and cold.She curls into a ball and crys waiting for him to come and rescue her.
    They dont wake up till their eyes meet and they know they'll be safe in each others arms.