• The author of my life is I,
    And I write in ink
    But if you can erase my past
    Feel free to do what you can

    Feel free to erase the time
    When I lost all my friends so young
    Nothing what I did was wrong
    And it was all too long. . .

    Feel free to erase the cruel teachers
    I had from K to 2
    Yelling at e for no reason
    Was all that they ever do. . .

    Feel free to erase all the times
    My parents yelled and screamed
    All because I wanted to play
    And actually have fun as a kid. . .

    Erase all the times I cried
    Because I remembered they hurt so bad
    My heart would stop beating
    And everyone would just smirk or laugh

    Feel free to erase my school years
    When I was a new student
    No one liked me, no one reached out
    To see if I was okay

    So I’m done with my life and being so dense
    And again I start anew
    I actually have friends that care
    And none of them are you

    So feel free to erase the people
    Who are the fakes in my life
    Feel free to erase all those
    Who left my story
    Because all they said were lies