• How do you want it to end?

    How do you want me to kill you?

    Do you want me to drag you down? Do not be afraid, the fiery pits welcome you, but beware they burn.

    Do you want me to slice your neck? Let me watch you gurgle and take in your last breath.

    Do you want me to pierce your heart with my dagger? Coat it with your blood; admire the beautiful shade of red it becomes.

    Do you want me to press your pillow against your face? Watch as you struggle, watch as you slowly stop your attempts and then finally descend.

    Tell me.

    I want to end it for you.

    I want to put you out of your misery.

    I want to be the messenger.

    Let me be your messenger. I’ll take you where you belong. The fire will warm your cold heart.

    And when you’re burning, you’re going to scream.

    You’re going to scream, you’re going to cry, you’re going to beg. But no one will listen. No one will give you mercy. No one will care.

    Only I can hear your screams. Only I can listen to your pleas. But just like you, I will ignore them.

    Every time you scream, I will smile. Every time you beg, I will laugh.

    I will enjoy my time on Earth, while you cry for yours.

    Your guilt, and your pain will hurt more than the flames. For one moment you will forget and ask what you did. The fire will dance and the pain will increase.

    You will ask what you did to deserve this, and I’ll look upon you with shame. You may think I am the real sinner, that I am the real evil, but you are wrong. You only speak half the truth. You only acknowledge half the truth.

    I was not the one that beat her child to death. I was not the one who violated that little girl. I was not the one who killed her mother for money. I was not the one who murdered her own son. I was not the one who continually abused her children and pushed them to suicide.

    But it is true, that I too sin.

    But without my sin
    How many more innocent would die?