• Of course its a typicall day in the same old class
    You sit with our friends and we laugh
    I look at you though your the one who chaches my eye
    when you smile it could make the world blind
    You dont even realize my feelings for you
    and how they make me feel so blue
    I have seen you around with alot of girls
    they are all pretty with those curls
    The hardest part of missing someone is having the right by your side
    and knowing you cant have them it hurts inside
    your my friend, my bud, my pal
    but I dont see that somehow
    you say right now isnt a good time
    it seems like loving your friend is a crime
    I dont understand what you mean
    I dont want to be another heart broken teen
    everyone says just get over it
    it just seems like your the only one that fits
    your different then your jerk friends
    I dont see why you are with them
    they tell things that aren't allways reliable
    they know my attraction is undeniable
    I'm the one who understands
    Without you I am hanging by strands

    I know its not very good I hope to get a better ryming sceme, I know its WAY to corny.