• My mind is a securely locked chest,
    Waiting to be unlocked,
    It may be the best,
    But also a test,
    Of the human to suffer the shock,

    They have to see through my eyes,
    To live my life for a day,
    To live through the lies,
    And also my sighs,
    Of the stupidity of everyone's say,

    Their mind loses track of the time,
    While trying to navigate me,
    They hear the death chime,
    That distracts them off their mime,
    Of what they were supposed to see,

    They take their final breath of sanity,
    As they take the suicide's deal,
    They rip their vanity,
    Their own type of insanity,
    While I take up the meal,

    So what have they learned of me,
    Of my murdering mind?
    They saw that key,
    To a bloody death they see,
    But the problem was it was my kind.