• On that dark day
    The sky burned crimson red
    it was the day
    we found u dead

    U saved my life that day
    when the building was on fire
    I couldn't breath
    and the flames grew higher

    U were my idol
    but u chose to die
    I couldn't even help u
    I didn't even try

    U took me away from the flames
    and ran bak into the fire
    everybody was out
    but maybe someone was dire

    maybe there was another
    another victim perhaps
    no, I was wrong
    He left the other saps

    He wanted to to die
    inside the infernal fire
    I didn't even stop him
    If i said I did, id be a liar

    He wanted to atone
    for his previous sins
    a villain turned hero but the hero burns
    in this way...no one wins

    not the dark
    not the light
    a loss life
    just creates more blight

    He took a life
    then saved four
    He chose to die
    and he lives no more

    He wasn't twisted
    he wasn't black hearted
    but he repented his murder
    and thats y he parted

    his life from this world
    is gone now
    How his mind works
    I'll never know how

    Before he burned down
    He said something eternal
    "Ben... I will always...and forever be...
    eternally infernal"

    He died at that spot
    the stupid fool
    he could have lived a longer life
    but he chose a path more...cruel

    and thus ends his chapter
    His story of his life
    It ended in that fire
    and his death had brought strife

    ...His family
    ...His friends
    ...His lover
    the pain never ends

    we still miss him
    and it brings pain everyday
    but thats how it ended
    thats all i have to say