• we could talk
    for days on end
    without feeling akward
    at all

    i didn't think
    anything was there
    hadn't felt that
    in a while
    not for you

    i guess you thought different
    and you made that pretty clear
    i could see it in the way you talked
    and the way
    you looked at me

    it wasn't right
    not then
    and not ever
    i know you better now
    you're not the guy
    i thought you were
    nor will you ever be

    to do that to a girl
    who loves you so
    to break her heart in two
    not once
    not twice
    but thrice, or more
    i could never be with you.

    i don't mind friendship
    you i can trust
    with simple things
    but not with my heart
    i hope you don't try
    to become something more
    it's not who we are
    and not who we will be