• i stand alone,deserted by you.
    now i stand,throwing flowere into the water below.
    petal by petal,that's all i can do.
    because of u,now my eyes are cold
    my heart a block of ice shattered by a pick ax
    from all the lies that you told.
    you made me bitter
    but i wasn't the one who left.
    YOU'RE the quitter.
    so now i stand here,
    throwing the last flower to the river
    and close off the gate to my heart.
    i promised i wouldn't trust anyone again
    you gave me a new fear.
    but now,he walks up,
    he makes me smile,
    my bitter tower crashes down,
    the ice melts away
    and i don't know what to say.
    so i pick a new bouquet of flowers
    ...only this time,
    i keep them.