• Please Don’t Read This Poem

    Please Don’t Read This Poem
    Its Only Meant For me.
    That’s it. Just Move Along Now.
    Theres Nothing Here to See.

    Besides Im Sure You’d Rather
    Just Go Outside and Play.
    So Put The Poem Down Now
    And Slowly Back Away

    Hey Why Are You Still Reading?
    That Isnt very Nice.
    Ive Asked you Politely
    Don’t Make Me Ask You Twice.

    Im Telling you, Its Private
    Do not Read one More line
    Hey! That’s One More. Now Stop it.
    This Isnt yours its mine

    Your Not Allowed To Read This
    You Really Have to Stop
    If you Don’t Quit This Instant
    I swear I’ll Call A Cop

    He’ll Drag You Off In Handcuffs.
    He’ll Lock You up In Jail
    And Leave you there Forever
    Until your Old And Frail

    Your Friends Will Forget you
    You Wont Be even Missed
    Your Family, to Will likely
    Forget that you Exist

    And All Because You Read This Instead of having Fun
    It’s To late Now, Amigo
    The Poems Nearly Done.

    Theres Only One Solution
    Heres what you’ll have to Do
    Tell All your Friends And Family
    They Shouldn’t read It To.