• I am lost.
    The icy chill of fear tugs at my limbs as I walk
    Across the darkling plain
    Under a black and clouded sky

    The chill mists of fear tug at my limbs
    And the icy wind bites into my skin, the pain of a life gone astray
    Embodied in one long, arduous journey
    As every footfall echoes into the lonely night

    Somewhere far ahead is light,
    A golden glow at the edges of the horizon
    Never changing, always there
    But so very far away, unattainable.

    Demons lurk around me, the skeletons of my past
    Leering with empty eyes
    Always watching, waiting for me
    To stumble and fall into their waiting, eager arms

    I am alone, me and my ghosts, my pains
    And the light is so far
    And I am so far behind its golden glory
    That I will never reach that horizon

    I stop walking,
    And the footfalls never quite die away.

    I turn around to face my past
    My regrets, my demons, my pain
    With broken, bloodied wings and sunken faces
    And open arms that reach for me

    I step forward into their gentle embrace

    And now the golden light is here
    It is all around me, filling me to the brim
    I watch my skeletons melt away
    Smiling sadly as they fade into the ether

    I am whole again
    I am all of me, pain and peace in one

    The darkling plain is with me still
    But I have risen from my own ashes
    And returned to my place in the light.