• Want it so badly
    You can’t get enough of it
    Body cries and aches for it
    But when it’s in your reach
    You can’t take it

    Lucid as one’s logic
    Untouchable as shadows
    Unattainable as Love
    It’s vital like the day and night
    Like moonlight on a midnight road
    Or wit in a match of weary words

    All the world can beg for it
    All the world cannot obtain it
    Like Hell for me and Heaven for you
    It’s a dream we will ourselves to dream
    A whimsical thought that haunts our waking eyes

    Though we slave away
    Beat our backs with Time
    Carry on our wayward paths
    We close our eyes and pray:

    As I lay down in my bed
    I pray to God I wake up dead
    For all the tears I care to weep
    Will never let me get to sleep