• A goodbye was never said.
    You left me here alone.
    Though tears we both have shed,
    There's no fixing what's been done.
    You are a stranger at the most...
    A memory lost in time.
    To see you's like seeing a ghost.
    These feelings I struggle to hide..
    The warmth of your touch.....
    It's long since turned cold.
    And the brush of your lips.....
    Were the purest of gold.
    I see you with him,
    Is he what you desire?
    Was I not enough..?
    I tried to pull you tighter...
    I tried to earn your love..
    Your eyes, do they still see me?
    I begged you to hold me. To stay.
    Yet here we are, face to face.
    Who knew it would happen this way...
    The silence is smothering
    The tension is rising
    I search for the words...
    To keep me from crying.
    We avoid each others stares,
    we know they'll run us through.
    And I know you've long since gone,
    But Adrianna,
    "I love you."