• There is no shape to it
    No word for it.
    To be specific
    there are too many words for it,
    but none can fully describe it.
    It can bring pain
    as soon as it brings joy.
    Soothe the soul
    yet rile the menacing.
    Despite it's claim
    despite it's label
    it has no form
    no solidity.
    It is abstract
    Or is it?
    When you can feel it
    in the depths of your heart
    as it runs
    from your fingers to your toes.
    Exercises your heart,
    hurries your blood.
    Caresses your lips
    Engulfs your arms..
    Encases your body in warmth.
    You can't help but want it
    Need it
    Desire it.
    You don't think you do
    but you do.
    This cunning chameleon
    with all it's tints and hues
    guides you...
    towards paradise.