• The Road that Leads Through Memories

    Walking down this lonely street,
    The dust churning against my feet.
    I walk down this empty path,
    Facing the silent, desolate wrath.

    Walking down the avenue of memories,
    Images flashing, of my own violent cries.
    The shadows leap against my soul,
    my heart, no longer whole.

    The pieces fall behind me as I walk,
    And trailing me, they do stalk,
    As remininces of past time,
    How the voices do chime.

    The insistent pounding in my head,
    The reminders of fate and how it bled.
    Of what could have, should have been,
    Repitition, of a treacherous sin.

    I sit down on the street side,
    With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
    Dreams come forth to haunt,
    By night, the nightmares forever taunt.

    Looking up into the sky,
    Just trying desperatly to get by,
    On this road that forever continues,
    Tainted by dark and painful hues.