• She saw him; eek
    Oddly tanned skin, brown eyes
    He too; a bite of the blood red apple
    He was sick of the lies

    Watching him made her drop everything
    Her glasses, her attitude
    Even her spaghetti devoured her shirt
    She was in a hideous mood

    He saw her now,
    On the ground looking a mess
    He showed his knife sharp teeth, how
    They became sharp remained a mystery

    Her heart stopped
    He leaned close to her
    She slapped him, her hand stung
    The blushing showed his invasion of surprise sweatdrop

    She turned away
    But she was trapped
    She banged on the invisible wall
    Then she picked up the glasses that fell from her fall

    She looked him in the eyes
    He chuckled at this sight
    A cold chill ran down her back
    Though she wasn’t filled with fright

    Sound came from drowning back
    She was no longer trapped
    People stared at the monstrous stain…