• Spread your wings because your an angel...
    that angel maybe caged but she'll break out one day..
    and that glass cage will shatter to peices spreading little rainbows through her room
    she may hold a devil of emotion in her palm
    her black orb glowing bright
    at night she ponders of what light would be
    her heart aches to see what the world may show outside her home
    her own days numbered by life
    her life being close.her heart being so far
    she seems lost in life but theres a reason to be trying to see the light one reason
    her only peice of light her shiny orb of life
    her orb holds one thing too good for those bad to touch other than her.
    her orb holds what she'd die for.
    the angel and devil meet eachother in life
    fall in love dearly no matter what they ever said no matter if they were light and dark
    day and night they wanted to spend time talking to eachother
    forbidden a bit like fruit yet neither cared
    neither fussed
    if one was to get hurt the other would fight for the other
    each really dearly in love with the other
    One may have got wounded too much one day...
    that one felt so alone so hurt so wounded though
    the other was right there after her taking care of that one
    making sure she was fine
    the angel and devil were together even if god forbid it even if heaven turned to hell
    they'd meet somewhere in between
    the angel became fallen.she'd fallen in love with the devil even though she knew it was hard to tell the others
    But she didn't care she was with the devil to the end of time
    they each pushed and willed eachother to greatness
    The Angel and Devil met somewhere in between and our together till the end of the world....