• Its Midnight,
    I am counting down to the last dime,
    Its Midnight,
    And I was said I had to rhyme.

    Its one AM,
    And we are rocking around the house,
    Listening the to thunder,
    Shaking all but the mouse.

    Its two AM,
    We head outside,
    To do a little Waltz,
    While other people stay inside and hide.

    Its three AM,
    We all miss the mourning bird’s song,
    And all we hear,
    Are our hearts playing a game of Ping Pong.

    Its four AM,
    The storm has been singing all night long.
    And it’s a mystery to me,
    Three years and we are still strong.

    Its five AM,
    We take a seat from our sweet laughter,
    Saying this night will last,
    Here on after.

    You told me you were scared,
    Of the way the lightening cracked,
    I told you not to be afraid,
    For you were always backed.

    Good night,
    Enjoy the night,
    Sleep good,
    And sleep tight.