• I cry to the stars
    I scream your name
    In anguish
    And in sadness
    And in hate
    My voice rises toward the Heavens
    To shake the stars from their places
    To let it be known that I feel
    And what I feel is more than one can take
    Without rolling over and giving up
    And for a moment I consider this
    But for a brief moment in time a star shimmers
    It shimmers with a light that brightens
    Giving hope to everyone
    And as I see this I lift my head and
    Cry to the Heavens in hope and joy
    So the world may know there is more than sorrow,
    More than pain, more than anger.
    There is joy, hope and most important love,
    Which without such good
    It would not make the bad so bad
    And the bad makes all the good so good
    That all you want is the good
    But without both we would not be complete
    And although it may seem the bad out numbers the good
    But you can always remember the star with the glorious shine
    That gives hope to anyone whom looks upon it.
    So when all looks bad, look for the star and ask for the strength to go on
    Because the stars listen when you cry to them and they help
    With their strange, beautiful magic.