• I look away, walk on by
    trying to smother the pain inside.
    I look at you; you're looking at her.
    Liquid shadows are clouding my eyes.

    Fists are clenched, the palms scarred
    from holding on when it's been so hard.
    I will not stand by; I'm bound on the floor.
    Memory abuses with no heed or regard.

    My arms are open, hands to the sky
    while rain weeps, and I feel it die.
    Drown the roses; set flame to the darkness.
    Embark on this journey, the heart's suicide.

    I cannot deny you, but I do regret
    the time well wasted since you I first met.
    Move forward, motionless. I'm still holding on.
    Eyes, lips, face...I long to forget.

    Look away; I'll walk on by
    so you can keep her by your side.
    I drown alone; you pulled me under.
    The lost one watches as the guardian dies.