• Your death came more sudden then any of us wanted
    They estimated at least a year
    Four months and then you were frozen underground
    By late winters hate towards the Gods that took you

    The time was too short to hold on to
    Not once did we fight or not be in each others sight
    But you were sick most of that time
    Becoming closer attached to a toilet bowl then me

    I sit in the bathroom tub I would hold you in
    And think to myself what I could've done to change things
    Was part of it my fault a year slammed into a few months?
    I could've used more caution, said no to your love

    But I loved you, You loved me
    Our bodies were perfect puzzle pieces in sync
    Neither of us really planned for you to get prego
    We'd never had protection break before

    Did becoming prego make your life span snap in half?
    I loved how I had you in my grasp
    We discussed, when you were feeling better, our future
    Our little baby was three months on the way

    Then in one short week it all plummeted to hell
    You couldn’t breathe only puke up more and more
    Even when there's was nothing there to puke anymore
    ICU wouldn’t even let me in at first to see you

    Your brother vouched for me saying I was family
    I laid on the bed with you and held your hand to my lips
    I couldn’t picture you gone from me
    We had a future! Did that mean nothing?

    You died within the night as I held you close to me
    Our baby wasn’t saved and neither was my heart
    You were only 17 a few months younger then I
    And you left me here... Was It all my fault?