• Love is senseless, and a selfish perspective on life.
    Love makes it where you don't want someone to go.
    You don't want someone to do something, or see someone.
    You want that person all to yourself.

    I see nothing to come of it, but pain.
    Pain and grieving of a past love,
    One you will never get back, never truly.
    Because everyone moves on, it is just a matter of time.

    And in the end, all we have is loose strings.
    Blood drips into a sink,
    Or on a bathroom floor, Blood spilt for another because of Grief.

    I have mourned, I have lost,
    But now I accept what I have done,
    And what will be done to me for punishment.
    Crimes may be lost, but are never forgotten.

    God, a Greater Power, or whatever the f*** there is,
    They have a plan, a plan they have all laid out for us.
    And they know of all the pain we will go through,
    They know the sorrow, yet they continue on.

    They toy with our lives, Like we are insignificant little insects in this bloody world,
    That can be squashed and disposed of,
    Although we all have emotions.

    Love, Hate, Fear, Pain.
    They all go hand in hand with one another,
    They all happen to someone, sometime.
    And blood always falls from a wrist.

    Because pain is our sanity,
    Our escape from the normality of this world,
    Our escape from our love for another.
    Our outlet to release rage and hatred.

    Bloody palms, bloody wrists, bloody knuckles.
    It all comes from love, it all comes from hate.
    Nothing good will come from human emotion.
    Nothing good will ever come from humans.

    Many things have been said,
    Many hurt by me, Hearts crushed and long forgotten,
    Because I was selfish with my own emotions.

    So this is the lesson,
    Love, but also let go.
    Don't dwell on the things that end,
    But look for the new beginings in everything.

    Because, once a life ends,
    Once that spark of love is put out,
    It can never be relit.
    I can never be revived...