• One the night of the Harvest moon,
    a carnival came to town.
    Except there was no cheery tune,
    there was not a game or clown.

    The townspeople all hid in fright,
    they would not leave their homes.
    For the carnival freaks it was a sacred night,
    the night they read their malevolent tomes.

    Their candles flickered in the dark,
    and their voices lingered in the air.
    And eerie light shot forth from their mark,
    and at a creature they soon did stare.

    It bore no expression on its face,
    There were no eyes, just empty space.
    That creature was the towns worst fear...
    for reasons that until now were not clear.

    The creature was summoned, not for the first time,
    By the carnival freaks to commit a crime.
    The Towns people had good reason to stay away,
    for the creature slaughtered 11 people that day.

    So when a carnival comes along,
    and you do not hear it's usual song.
    you know now what lurks round the bend
    stay inside, or your life may soon end.