• A friend is a friend. No matter if they have come and gone like the wind you will remember them forever. They make you feel like you are in the spotlight, that people actually care about you, but the spotlight isn’t stationary for long. It shines on you and just as quickly shines to someone else. And just when you think you will be in that spotlight again it changes direction and crushes you and everything you thought would happen if you were in that shining light for just one more second. You yell, scream, and plea for it to see you again but it doesn’t notice and you stay in the dark for another day. But as time goes on you get used to the dark again and used to a glimmer every other day. And you move on because life still goes on. if things stay the same forever, time is stopped and everything ceases to exist life will end and you are still in the dark. You learn to like the dark, to think about what is important in your life. But then you realize that the light is the most important. So you plead and hope for the light to come back but you know it is gone forever. After a while, you don’t even get a glimmer anymore. You wish for the past when there was light for everyone and everything seemed fine and you don’t want to change. But the only constant in this world is change and it can never be the same again and you cry in the dark all alone, looking for a light and maybe someone that needs your light as much as you need theirs. But over time you loose hope and you decide that you like the dark all alone, no one to hurt you nothing to keep you form the only thing you can do in the dark, THINK. The cycle starts over again you feel the same longing feeling for the light but you still know that what will happen. After another lonely day in the dark, you wonder when the cycle will end. You think that it can't get any worse but it does. You just keep on surviving, hoping, thinking. And forever you stay in the dark knowing it won’t change and try as you might to keep your mind busy, there is only one thing you can do in the dark.
    The end