• Round and we go, where we stop,
    nobody knows

    Why do we wait for the sun to rise,
    and regret when it sets?

    Do we wait for a heartbreak,
    or yearn for a relationship?

    If we slip off a rocky edge,
    is there someone there to catch us?

    Why do we ask such questions,
    that we ourselves cannot answer?

    Why do we thrive in the summer,
    yet cower in the winter?

    Why do we admire such beauty in one person,
    and yet envy them for that beauty?

    How deep is our love?

    Do we know the answers,
    or just pretend we do?

    The truth is,
    our love has no limit,
    if we let it go that far

    Our knowledge has no bounds,
    but we don't keep up on it

    The sun will always rise,
    and always set,
    until that moment of truth

    The moment when the sun goes away,
    and we perish with it

    It's that day that we never want to happen,
    the one we try to prevent

    The one that takes away life,
    love, and laughter

    And we won't know what we're passing up,

    Until it's too late.