• Ah me, so sad…
    Come help me weep.
    For I have no tears.

    For me, life’s hard,
    With heaven bared
    Alone to face my fears.

    I died at dawn,
    My purpose pawned.
    Left stranded in the mist.

    Lost, alone,
    Just skin and bone.
    No strength to take resist.

    Ah me, so weak…
    Come help me sleep.
    For I cannot pass on.

    My memories blur,
    As statements slur.
    The past, I dwell upon.

    Don’t leave me here,
    For death I fear.
    That lonely dark abyss.

    Don’t want to die,
    Yet no clue why.
    And now it‘s come to this.

    Ah me, so lost…
    Come help me search.
    For I have lost my soul.

    Where is my life?
    Where is my love?
    Have I paid the toll?

    I feel so weak,
    Mine spirit bleak.
    I still wish not to die.

    To scared to shift,
    My head wont lift.
    I realise with a sigh.

    I must accept,
    This life long dept.
    To live is but a crime.

    It’s time to leave,
    Was so Naïve.
    To think I’d outlast time…