• You had asked for my hand many times before
    And every time I said no, till now.
    I threw caution to the wind and finally agreed
    To be bound to you in marriage

    The Spring Festival came 'round and with it one from my past
    I told you of him to be fair, honest
    To tell you he meant nothing to me because I had you.
    You didn't believe me

    Mad will jealously you hurled accusations
    Saying I would forsake you for him
    Out of pride the wedding was canceled
    But the festival continued

    I danced with him for it was expected
    I was to dance with all who asked
    Your temper flared and you harmed me
    My temper raged back as we fought

    Now the festival is done and the guests gone
    I sit in my cottage and stare at the clouds
    What should I do now?
    Where do I turn?

    Something you do not know
    He said he still felt strongly for me
    And if you had kept me I would not be considering his embrace
    His warmth, compassion and understanding

    This heartbreak is more than I can stand
    But it has taught me one thing
    That sometimes the heart is too weak for somethings
    And I've made my decision

    I will never marry and that is my pledge.