• I have an image.
    An image that I hate!
    People judge me.
    Everyone does.
    I bet you do, too!
    Do you know what they judge me on?
    It's very easy!
    Do you know what it is?
    Or do you want me to tell you?
    It's my SIZE!
    I do try to talk to people.
    Be nice to them, you know?
    It's not that easy though.
    They think they know me because of how I look.
    But they don't know me!
    How could they?!
    Most don't even know my name!
    People expect me to be the enforcer.
    They call me a whole round of names!
    There's too many to list, so I will only name a few: Sky Scraper, Ogre, Giant, and even a couple that I can't repeat!
    Everyone expects me to be as tough or as mean as I look.
    I might be, but no one but myself will ever know.
    If I could be someone else, I most likely would.
    If I could be shorter or smaller, I would take it and NEVER let it go!
    No one really knows what I go through!
    It's really amazing, you know?
    Do you know what I am really like?
    Well, then you should ask me!
    But I will give you an insight anyway: I'm a poet, I'm a writer, I'm a singer, an animal lover, and you know what else?
    I love to help out little kids!
    It all may sound a little ridiculous, but it's all true.
    Maybe if you ask me, I will tell you more.
    But I have one request, I hope you will oblige: Please don't judge me because of my size.