• Yeah, I'm known as the man who isn't known

    Kinda makes feel a little blown

    No girl at my side, loss points to my pride

    I think she's trying to hide

    I can't see her, lights out, pitch black in my room

    Can't stop movin, i believe she's tryin to loom

    Or I'm imagining things like a coon

    But whatever I'm thinking, my believing of her being

    Still exists when I'm dreaming

    And hopefully she's thinking the day we will be meeting

    My life is pretty quiet, whcih is the reason why I want to write it

    No entertainment, lost in a basement

    And my placement to me was an ashame-ment

    So I'ma say this, we all need a lady

    A queen or a jewell that could save me

    Not a person would be able to understand

    The passion we posess, the the true meaning of what we were blessed

    So much enjoyment, we've now became omnipotent

    So much potential, and it's credintial

    We can be together from now to a millenium

    Keeping us together, we can go wherever

    I wish you were really real, and love me forever