• She laid there looking at me in fear..

    In her eye came her final tear..
    So I said "Don't cry..my heart will always be with You."

    As I cut her from her side.

    I reached in to find what was so special to me..

    Intestines? No.
    Ribcage? No.
    Lungs? No.
    Liver? Ugh hell no.

    There, there it is!

    I grabbed it and pulled it out.

    So beautiful.

    In my hand was what I loved about her most.

    Her heart.

    Still pumping. "Ba-dump..Ba-dump"

    I looked at her and what did I see?
    A motionless body that was so dear to me.

    Her eyes still open, her breath getting fainter.

    I closed her eyes and whispered in her ear.
    "Now You and I will always be together.."