• Am I really alone? Or is it just me? I see all these people around me. But really. Are they really with me?

    I go around saying hi and bye to those I think I know. I believe are my friends. But are they really? The saying goes, you were born alone...You die alone. So someone tell me? Am I really alone?

    This world is full and full of people. People I do not know. I go around saying no one cares for me when they actually SAY they do...But we must ask ourselves. Who do we care more for? Us? Or them?

    Them of who I speak of are the one we chose to be in our lives. We go through our lives with nothing but sighs. Can we really trust another? Can we even trust our own brother? Father? mother? Even people who are supose to be our very own color?

    But I'm getting off subject here. The question was. Am I really alone? Or is my mind just gone? Please...I need to know...I don't want to be left in the cold. There is something here that I wish to not hold...