• Leave it in there

    Push it back in there. The powder,
    lipstick, curling iron, lemon drops.
    The crème foundation,
    false eyelashes and high-heels.
    In there with the skirts and sexy blouses,
    the jealousy, the appletinis.

    Push it back in there. The giggles,
    puppy-dog eyes, flash of skin
    to get your way. The Scarlett O’Hara
    swoons and dainty manners
    behind the push-up bras and Sunday
    going-to-meetin’ hats.

    Push it back in there. In with the dropped g’s,
    y’all and aint. Stack them like unused golf clubs
    in bags of long vowels and extra syllables.
    Leave the sirs and ma’ams near the top though,
    you’ll need them when you get pulled over.

    You’re not Southern,
    you’re emancipated.