• You must think I've forgotten,
    That warm summers day,
    As we laid on blankets of cotton,
    Watching waves crash against the bay.

    You must think of the memories lost,
    Of the pleasant days and nights,
    When we stayed in hotels, no matter the cost,
    As we forgave each other after the fights.

    But there is one thing I don't want to remember,
    The feel of the ring on your hand,
    As it and my face connected together,
    When I disobeyed a command.

    Now I have a reminder,
    That will never go away,
    The scar that grows with me as I grow blinder,
    A mark that will always stay.

    As much as I try, I cannot forgive you,
    Even 30 years later as I lay in this bed,
    My senses waver as my lips turn blue,
    I can't hear you say sorry, for I am already dead.